Benefits of a Diesel Generator

  • Benefits of a Diesel Generator

    • Benefits of a Diesel Generator
    • Benefits of a Diesel Generator September 15, 2023
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A diesel generator set is a power generating unit which converts the mechanical energy into Electricity. Diesel Generators have been essential for factories and commercial establishments, which need backup power, absence of power resulting in huge revenue losses for them. So, having ready backup power in times of need is critical for them.
With the temperatures routinely soaring to record levels during the summers, it is very common to find a diesel generator even in households and residential complexes nowadays.
Arguably the most popular form of Diesel Generator (DG) sets nowadays is the silent ones. These Silent DG sets are powerful, economical, convenient and most importantly, noise free.

Benefits of Silent DG sets
When compared to other power backup facilities like Battery Inverters and Petrol Generator sets, silent Diesel DG sets definitely have huge advantages. These make them the gensets of choice among a wide range of enterprises and people around the world.

Some of the major advantages of using silent DG sets are:

Fuel efficiency: As we all know diesel is much more economical than petrol or gasoline. This is why the running cost of DG set per hour is much lesser than that of a petrol genset. There are also fuel-efficient and can produce more electricity per litre of diesel than the generators running on any other fuel.
Low Maintenance cost: DG Sets typically do not have any spark plugs in their engine. In other types of generators, these are the parts that require regular maintenance and replacement. The absence of these in a DG set means that they require low maintenance and are extremely hassle free. Therefore, by buying a silent DG set you can save on a lot of maintenance costs.
Design: The silent DG sets are designed to be long lasting. Their rugged and sturdy design makes them ideal for operation even under difficult conditions, without requiring regular maintenance.
Variety: A wide range of DG sets are available from 5KVA to 2250 KV
A. You can select a model depending upon your requirements and can then easily buy it from the market.
Low noise: As the name suggests, silent DG sets are meant to create minimal noise. Their enclosures are designed to be soundproof and causes minimum vibrations. This makes them environment friendly and ideal for operation in residential areas.
CSH Silent Diesel Generators
Currently, there are many varieties of silent DG sets available in the market to choose from. Among the silent DG sets that are commonly available, the ones manufactured by CSH are the most popular.

They manufacture DG sets of the following varieties:

Silent DG Sets with AL Engine
DG Sets with Perkins Engine
Mobile DG
Mobile Light Tower
Whether you need a generator for your commercial establishment or for your house, you can safely rely upon the silent DG sets manufactured by CSH. These are long-lasting, require low maintenance and are highly fuel-efficient, giving you reliable power backup at the least cost possible.


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